Piknik Elektronik vzw presents

Sunday afternoon, in an open place without barrier, inspired music invites walkers to gather.


The event brings up to date the traditional Sunday picnics, to meet outdoors, with friends or families in a warm and relaxed atmosphere.

In addition to being a social catalyst, Piknik Elektronik is an event focused on awareness and respect towards our environment: selling local and fair trade products, recycling, promoting zero waste and responsible consumption.


« Music puts the soul in harmony with everything that exists » (Oscar Wilde)

Assuming that music is an invitation to shared pleasure and conviviality, the sound dimension of the event has also its fundamental importance.

We honor both Belgian and foreign artists, beginners and experienced, while bringing together initiates and neophytes.

Free access

The event free admission is essential to us: everyone can appropriate the public space, creating unlikely encounters and intense social cohesion.

The public is free to come with their own food and drinks, so that everyone can simply share a good time.

Playful, educative

Artistic, computer and scientific workshops will be set up in order to arouse interest in activities we are passionate about.

➜ Eco-friendly
➜ Thrilling audiences from around the world since 2006
➜ Audience of all cultures, genres, classes and ages combined
➜ Promoting gender equality in music

There are no upcoming events at this time.

4 months ago

Eliane Radigue, 87 ans, pionnière de la musique électronique

"C'était cette musique-là que j'avais envie de faire."

Elle a 87 ans et elle est une pionnière de la musique électronique. Brut a rencontré Eliane Radigue à l'occasion de ses retrouvailles ... See more

4 months ago
What if eating meat is not only wrong – but obsolete? | Arwa Mahdawi

In the same way we’re now horrified people used to smoke in offices, we’ll soon find it almost unthinkable that people used to consume so much meat

In the same way we’re now horrified people used to smoke in offices, we’ll soon find it almost unthinkable that people used to consume so much meat

4 months ago
Ars Electronica


The big second opening stage of the new Ars Electronica Center will take place on Monday at 7 PM! With Mirages & miracles, AI x Music and the new Kids' Research Laboratory, three fascinating new ... See more

4 months ago
Live set from Piknik Elektronik Brussles/ Heysel Opening Season

Fai Fai Faii

Piknik Elektronik Heysel Opening Season 02 Jun 2019

4 months ago

Thank you too Vina Moon and also all our other amazing artists Jolita Pabludo / Nancy Burrello - DJ page / Darken and Fai Fai Faii

*** Merci Piknik Elektronik Brussels ***

Cette nature, ce soleil et ce vent qui se déchaîne… juste le cadre parfait pour la force mélancolique de "Sweet Bang" !

Enjoy 🙂

4 months ago
World Economic Forum


Environmentally friendly incentives.

📕 Read more: https://wef.ch/2KGt1zP

4 months ago
Live recording | Margaux @ Magnetik Festival Slovenia 2018

Margaux from Ghent coming soon behind our decks

Live recording of my set at Magnetik Festival 2018, Slovenia Download for free on The Artist Union

5 months ago

Reuse and recycle Piknik Elektronik Ter Kameren Bois de la Cambre

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