Piknik Elektronik vzw presents

This event takes place mainly in different venues of Brussels such as Bozar, The Egg, Botanique, Bodega, Brass or Fuse, among other places, and in cities like Marseille, Amsterdam or Bangkok.

Since 2006, Rone, Max Cooper, Kollektiv Turmstrass, Traumer, and many more have played for the first time in Belgium.

It focuses on a premium music selection that would remain enjoyable for everyone.

Depending on the venue, exhibitions, concerts and dance performances are also planned.

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4 months ago
Piknik Elektronik Secret

From May 9th opening of our chill out Terrace in collaboration with lehic
#art #performances, #painting, #music #workshop, lot of free surprises..
Stay tuned

4 months ago
Piknik Elektronik Brussels

Cadeaux à gagner, follow Pac-Man 😘

Find Pac-Man and PlayDaGame... Three Vinyl Records GIVEAWAY/thisWeeK. Selection on May 2nd 😎
Je t'aime sauvage Jeny Cox Kam&leon Curtis Zeki Essor - Techno Artist Fady One Gaudier

4 months ago
Parra for Cuva


The song Her Entrance is based on a sample by indian folk musician Latif Khan from Rajasthan. This sample was offered to us by a filmmaker who filmed a documentary about indian ... See more

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